The Ranch Clinic-

May 15-18, 2019 Paducah, Texas

The Ranch Clinic, for men only, is for someone looking for a little more in-depth ranch experience, than what is available in a regular clinic setting. The class will be small so that each participant can get plenty of personal instruction from Buster.


The focus of the clinic will be the horsemanship and skills necessary to get a real job done on whatever kind of horse you’re riding.


On a real working ranch, a cowboy chooses a horse he feels best suited for the day’s work. But, when dealing with livestock in all kinds of weather, things don’t always go as planned. So, he has to learn to adjust to fit the situation and get the job done anyway.


It is amazing what a horse (or man) can learn when he’s a little outside his comfort zone. We talk about, and work on, preparing our horses all the time. But in the real world, there are times to just get the job done. This can really work out to the horse’s (or man’s) benefit if he’s allowed to stop and think about what just happened, relax, and start again. We intend to make lots of horse tracks during this clinic.


Maybe this clinic will give you a little glimpse into some of the work that goes on on a real cow outfit. Maybe it will give you a little glimpse into what you and your horse are capable of if given a little exposure, experience, and encouragement.


Cost of the clinic is $1450. This includes room and board. We have a new cookhouse and bunkhouse! Please send a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  Feel free to call Buster or Sheryl with any questions:


806-492-2711 (home)

806-773-2159 (Buster)
806-773-1649 (Sheryl)