Home Clinics - 2019


Join us at Rancho Notso Grande for 5 days of horsemanship, good food, loads of fun, and a healthy dose of Texas hospitality! Located west of Paducah, Texas, we have access to hundreds of acres of beautiful West Texas country through which to ride. We would love to share our knowledge of the local landscape, as well as the area’s rich history. 

We encourage each participant to bring two horses: a colt/young horse for the colt-starting/problem solving class, and a more experienced horse for the horsemanship class. The colts will receive a foundation from which they can develop into their respective careers. Each young horse will be given the time and attention needed to help them progress. Most riding in the horsemanship portion will be done outside, in varied terrain. It is an excellent opportunity for both horse and rider to gain confidence in themselves and one another. Within this intimate setting, we will be able to address any specific situations, problems or concerns, such as trailer loading, tying, or getting a horse used to a rope, just to name a few. We have a mechanical flag, and will have cattle on hand to have fun developing cow working/roping skills. If you are unable to bring a horse, and would like to lease one, please contact us so we can make arrangements.

In addition to the horsemanship, expect to feel like part of the family while you’re here. Lodging is provided in our home and bunkhouse. Enjoy laughter, conversation, and a cold drink with us and other attendees after a long days ride. Be sure to soak up a sunset over the Tongue River bluffs, it is truly a sight to behold. Three meals a day will be provided, and if you leave hungry, it’s your own fault!

While all clinics include an all-day ride, during which lunch is delivered, depending upon the clinic dates, we have had horseback Easter egg hunts, Horsemanship Challenges-complete with awesome prizes, and talented musical entertainment.

So don’t miss this excellent opportunity to join us for learning, fellowship, and fun! To receive a Home Clinic brochure, please email Tiffany at mclauryequinemassage@yahoo.com

Spring 2019

Dates: April 16-20
Cost: $1450 (includes lodging, meals, and all the horse tracks you can make in a week)
Deposit: $500 non-refundable deposit


Kevin Davis will be here to entertain us toward the end of the week! If you haven’t heard him sing and play, you are in for one heck of a treat! 



On Saturday, get ready for a little friendly competition as you hunt for Easter Eggs of the back of your trusty partner! Guaranteed to be lots of eggs, laughs, and horsemanship (try reaching that egg without being able to move your horses hindquarters over a step!). There will be some great prizes for the best hunters! 


We will also be having a Sunrise Easter Service Sunday morning, and an Easter lunch for those participants who would like to stay!


Join us for an unforgettable week of horsemanship, fun, and fellowship!

Fall 2019
Dates: October 15-19
Cost: $1450 (includes lodging, meals, and all the horse tracks you can make in a week)
Deposit: $500 non-refundable deposit

Please bring your own hay, feed, and water buckets. For more information or to reserve your clinic spot, please call Buster’s cell 806-773-2159, Sheryl’s cell 806-773-1649, or our home 806-492-2711.