Home Clinics - 2016


Join Buster and Sheryl at their home west of Paducah, Texas for five days of horsemanship, good food, and fun.

Participants are encouraged to bring to bring two horses: a colt or young horse to work with and a more experienced horse for horsemanship. If you are unable to bring a horse, call us and we will arrange for you to lease one. Most riding will be done outside over varied terrain. We'll try to have some cattle on hand to have a little fun with and practice with roping skills.


Our home clinics are kept small so each rider can get plenty of help with whatever they'd like to work on. Participants will stay in our home and bunkhouse. Sheryl will provide everyone with three meals a day, and she enjoys a reputation as an excellent cook. If you leave hungry, it's your own fault.
Saturday night, we'll have a cookout and fun around a campfire, with authentic cowboy poetry under the Texas stars.


Spring 2016

Dates: April 26-30

Cost: $1350 (Includes lodging, meals, and all the horse tracks you can make in a week!)

A $300 deposit is due by by April 10th


Fall 2016

Dates: Dates: October 11-15

Cost: $1350 (includes lodging, meals, and all the horse tracks you can make in a week)

A $500 deposit is due by by September 15th.


Clinic cost includes room and board. Please bring your own hay, grain, and water buckets for your horses. A $500.00 deposit is due date listed. For more information, call Buster's cell phone at (806) 773-2159, or Sheryl's cell at (806) 773-1649, or call their home at (806)-492-2711.


June 14-18 Paducah TX. Special Home Clinic - Men Only

This spring we're offering a small, CS CW RR clinic at our place near Paducah for men only. Buster will work with a small group who are really interested in learning and honing their skills with horses and cattle.

Bring two of your own horses to work with. If you do not care to start a colt, bring a horse that needs some work on the basics. I'll bet he gets better by the end of the week. Bring hay and grain for your horses.


With over 50 years experience around livestock, Buster has handled thousands of horses and hundreds of thousands of cattle. This experience provides him with information and insight very few clinicians today have to offer.


The clinic fee of $1500 includes lodging and 3 meals a day at our place. Sheryl will be feeding us, so if you leave hungry, it's your own fault. For more info, call Buster or Sheryl at 806 492-2711, 773-2159, or 773-1649.